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Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a sci-fi top-down action game where your spaceship has been taken over by para-dimensional attackers. You must take control of a security robot and use its gun and grappling hook to navigate through the dark ship, take on enemies, and return the essential fuel cores to the reactor. Be careful! Take too long and the robot will run out of charge, leaving you helpless to save the passengers from a grim fate.

This game was developed for EECS 494 at the University of Michigan. It was developed in 7 weeks with a group of five students during the Fall 2021 semester.


Art and Graphics:

Ranadeep Mitra - Sprites, World Graphics, UI

Unser Hashsham - Shader Graph

Sound Design:

Theo DelGizzi - Sound Design, Voiceover

Ishan Patke - Sound Design

Technical Foci:

Mason Fox - Grapple God, Start Cutscene

Unser Hashsham - Enemy AI. End Cutscene

Ishan Patke - Enemy AI, Game Logic

Theo DelGizzi - Game Logic, Toasts

Ranadeep Mitra - FOV Logic, Animations


Short Circuit - macOS 43 MB
Short Circuit - Windows 34 MB


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Super fun traversal game! The aesthetics have improved a great deal, as has the guidance!